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About Daylight Ministries Home

Daylight Ministries, a non-profit transitional facility for homeless, disadvantaged, and recently-released female prisoners, has made notable inroads toward improvement of community service for the city of Jackson. 

Founded and directed by Mrs. Myra Ramsey, and sponsored by the Amazing Inst. Church of God in Christ, Daylight Ministries has sought to offer the critical undergirding to women (especially those recently released from incarceration) as they seek jobs and logistical support, that ultimately mainstream them into acceptable, social and legal norms.  As highlighted by the Metro State section of the Clarion Ledger, June 10, 2002, Daylight has been quite instrumental in reversing the direction of women who recognize that they were "out of control" and desire to change.

Daylight solicits your consideration to support us to help this ministry maintain a clean and pleasantly appointed home for deserving women who want to learn the value of contributing to the city of Jackson, rather than depleting its resources. 

Daylight Ministry is an aftercare program for women ex-prisoners and those recovering from substance abuse.  We offer safe, secure transitional housing to this homeless population, providing daily counseling in spiritual and life skills, self-esteem, job skills and maximum independence. 

Daylight Ministries provides temporary shelter for the women who are in need or in transit from other aftercare programs.  A safe-haven is provided with daily counseling, weekly support group meetings and life skills for growth and development.  This program was developed to reinforce those individuals who have low self-esteem, for whatever reason, to help them realize that they can become productive, law-abiding citizens again. 

Our ministry activities are centered on efforts to sponsor and help women committed to faith in Christ and provide education, self-esteem and job skills.  We assure that each lady is independent, employed and ready to return to a positive and fruitful life.

We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist all clients referred to us.  Those with substance abuse history must have completed the 12 step A&D, NA programs.  We would also like to thank our sponsors for all of their support in making this ministry a success.  Our sponsors are: 

The City of Jackson- Social Services Dept.
The Hinds County Sheriff Dept.
The Community Foundation of Greater Jackson
BancorpSouth Bank
The Amazing Inst. Church of God in Christ
The United Way of The Capital Area
The Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas


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