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Daylight Ministries Home - Our Program

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The purpose of this program is to promote and support maximum independence and self-esteem of former female offenders, as well as equip and assist them in becoming productive citizens.


1.   We expect full and courteous cooperation and respect to the Director from each resident.
2.   To protect the resident’s right to be treated with dignity and respect.
3.   Explain Rules of the home to each resident and provide a copy to them.
4.   We do not accept serious or violent offenders into this program.
5.   We do not accept children, pregnant women or those with mental illness.
6.   Our goal is to help each resident take advantage of as many opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment as possible.
7.   To encourage the resident to read about the rules and responsibilities often.
8.   Random drug screening is administered.
9.   Each resident is required to attend church services every Sunday.
10.  We will permit no verbal or physical abuse from any resident.
11.  We will provide statements to residents for rents paid which are due on the first of each month.
12.  Weekly support group meetings are required for growth and development.
13.  Residents have NO SAY concerning who will be their roommate or who will be admitted.
14.  Once a resident leaves the facility, all personal belongings are to be taken with them at that time.
15.  We are not responsible for personal items left. We will not store these items; they will be donated to Goodwill or trashed.
16.  Daylight does not discriminate in its staff, board, volunteer committees or recipients of services.


1.   Make sure your surroundings are safe, clean and comfortable.
2.   Keep all appliances clean and in good working order.
3.   Respect the rights and properties of others, by making sure your use of television, radio, telephone and other sources of sound does not interfere with the other residents.
4.   Make your rental payments on time each month. No one will be turned away because of inability to pay.
5.   Attend all aftercare meetings, A & D programs that are required, as scheduled.
6.   Help us maintain a safe and pleasant environment for all, if you have relatives visiting with small children, please make arrangements to meet some place other than in the home for child safety purposes.
7.   Provide a medical record for the facility.
8.   We do not encourage the “buddy” system here, but expect you to be courteous and respectful to one another.
9.   Weekly Bible classes are encouraged at least once a week, also personal devotion time.
10.  Resident’s minimum stay at “Daylight” is ninety days IF approved by Director & Parole Officer.
11.  Resident is responsible for their own food although we provide staples for them.
12.  If you are lazy and are not a clean person, please do not consider coming here.



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